My drawings exist in an immense scale in order to challenge the viewer’s sense of perception, as it supersedes them in size. This effect speaks to the natural forces present in nature, as humans are mesmerized by the phenomenons of natural disasters, vast landscapes, and the depths of the unknown. Movement and energy captured in the drawings have been interpreted various ways, many of which comment on the meditative effect born from the intuitive process of creation.

Dark and illusory, the intricate drawings I create reflect elements of the sublime. As poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, ‘For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure, and it amazes us so, because it serenely disdains to destroy us.’ Although I do not not draw directly from a subject, images of natural occurrences are studied to spark compositions. The subject matter of the works are inspired by various natural forces, among them celestial, aqueous, and nebulous forms. Devoid of color, and thus relying on a monochromatic palette to translate imagery, the drawings give little inclination as to where they exist in space, may it be on a microscopic or macrocosmic level. Formations such as explosions, smoke, and waves are frequently referenced in the labor intensive work.

Echoing of linear elements dominate the process of my work. My hand acts as a vehicle that varies the distance between precisely drawn marks. As variations in the path of the line build to resemble a ripple effect, a unique sense of motion becomes present in each drawing. Overlapping this mark making technique on the substrate gives the sense of combined atmospheres and tremendous depth. The result is an illusion of surface resembling a lunar landscape, rippling water, or celestial smoke.

Ebb and flow is central to the creation of my work as concentrated areas of lines, tense and tedious, give way to restful void, as in the passage of time.The amorphous imagery present is inspired by the void, or space just out of reach of comprehension. I travel through my imagination until I reach nothingness, past the farthest my mind’s eye could see if I look beyond the stars, past the space deepest into the dirt of the earth that I could feel, until I reach the outermost corners of my mind – these are the inspirations for my creation of images that reflect wonderment contrasting with darkness.