Working within the confines of my own rules, the drawings I make have static constants and fluid variables. The length of my arm, the drawing utensil, the substrate, and the reliance on the monochromatic palette, are the constants that transcend my lines to form.

Variables include the speed and strength by which the marks are applied. My hand acts as a vehicle that changes ever so slightly with each repetitive line. As variations in the path of the line build to resemble a ripple effect, a unique sense of motion becomes present in each drawing. Where greater distance occurs between lines, negative space appears to be heavier.

As the paths gradually fill the picture plane to create the illusion of surface, the resulting imagery often resembles a lunar landscape, rippling water, or celestial smoke. This imagery is inspired by the void, or space just out of reach of comprehension. This theme is present in horizonless oceans, vortices, starry or static spaces. 

Experimentation with overlapping drawings using translucent or transparent surfaces have evolved my work to give a sense of combined atmospheres. Ebb and flow is central to the creation of my work; concentrated areas of lines, tense and tedious, give way to restful voids, as in the passage of time.